VTB Arena Park, Euroleague Basketball celebrate 4th anniversary of partnership

May 03, 2016 by Euroleague.net Print
VTB Arena Park, Euroleague Basketball celebrate 4th anniversary of partnership

Euroleague Basketball and VTB Arena Park are celebrating four years of their historic partnership. Their ongoing cooperation has spearheaded the international promotion of the ambitious arena project and secured the Park’s place among the top contenders to host one of European basketball’s premier events, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four, in the near future.

VTB Arena Park is a comprehensive development project, which includes the construction of a mixed-use sports and leisure complex, the Dynamo Academy of Sports, Arena Park City Block and Dynamo Sports Park. The main indoor hall is the VTB Arena, while the largest venue is the Dynamo Central Football Stadium named after Lev Yashin. The project is being built on 32 hectares of land.

The renovated stadium stands out from other modern athletic fields as it will accommodate both the football stadium and multifunctional sports arena under one roof. The Dynamo Sports Society Museum, a leisure and entertainment complex, and underground parking will also be located there. The roof will be constructed of special polycarbonate material to permit light through. There is also a massive glass wall featuring inbuilt LED strips, which doubles as a gigantic video screen at night. The seating capacity of the football stadium is slated to 27,000 seats and the arena will vary between 11,500 and 14,000 depending on needs and configuration. The renovated stadium is set to be inaugurated on October 22, 2017, to coincide with the birthday of legendary Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

"We are very pleased with our close cooperation with such a prestigious and influential organization as Euroleague Basketball," A.N. Peregoudov, the Senior Vice President of VTB Bank and head of the VTB Arena Park project said. "Our participation at the Fan Zone activities at the London Final Four in 2013 and at the student games at the Final Fours in Milan in 2014 and Madrid in 2015 remain in our memory. We are confident that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. We believe that soon Euroleague games will be held at our high-end VTB Arena."

“The VTB Arena Park project is one of the biggest development projects in Europe that will make a huge impact for sports fans and Moscow citizens, in October 2017 when it will be finalized” Jordi Bertomeu, President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball said. “During these 4 years we have been working closely with their marketing team, building the brand awareness of the project around the global platform of Euroleague Basketball and activating in key events, in order to make VTB Arena Park the new destination in Europe for major sports and entertainment events”.