2007-08FinalsGame 1
April 13, 2008 CET: 15:30
Local time: 15:30 PALAVELA
Robertas Javtokas - Dynamo Moscow - Final Eight Turin 2008  - EC07

Dynamo Moscow downing Galatasaray Cafe Crown 84-67 in the third place game!

Dynamo Moscow earned a spot in the 2008-09 ULEB Cup season by downing Galatasaray Cafe Crown 84-67 in the third place game at Palavela, Turin on Sunday afternoon. Dynamo bounced back from its semifinal loss against Akasvayu Girona and is set to return to the ULEB Cup next season. Meanwhile, Galatasaray could not finish its amazing ULEB Cup run with a final win. Sergey Monya led the winners with 17 points. Robertas Javtokas added 14 and 9 rebounds, Milos Vujanic had 13 points, Travis Hansen got 12 while Henry Domercant contributed 11 for Dynamo. Erdem Turtekem had 16 points for Galatasaray while Charles Gaines and Dee Brown each added 11- Antonis Fotsis and an unstoppable Monya took over early to give Dynamo a 26-8 margin after 10 minutes. Galatasaray improved with a 2-3 zone defense while Gaines and Brown gave his team some hope, 44-31, at halftime. Gaines stayed unstoppable while a three-pointer by Chris Owens completed his team's 18-point comeback, 48-48. midway through the third quarter. Dynamo improved its defense and incredibly enough, Galatasaray went scoreless for the next 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Hansen, Javtokas and Vujanic fueled a 15-0 run that allowed Dynamo to keep full control of the game until the final buzzer.

Fotsis got Dynamo going with free throws that Dee Brown matched with a driving layup. Fotsis insisted with a basleine jumper for a 4-2 Dynamo lead. Galatasaray played with twin point guards, Brown and Cuneyt Erden, and tried to get advantage of the matchup between Britton Johnsen and Hansen without much success. Dynamo tried to change the game momentum with fast offenses, but Domercant, Hansen and Vujanic missed respective shots from downtown. Hansen stepped up with free throws but Huseyin Besok came off the bench and struck from downtown for a 6-5 Galatasaray deficit. Both teams kept struggling to score but Dynamo dominated the defensive board now. Sergey Bykov scored in a quick transition while Vujanic made free throws to give Dynamo a 10-5 edge. Galatasaray did not find the way to the basket against Dynamo's physical defense. Sergey Monya fired in one from downtown and then erased Johnsen's jumper to keep Dynamo way ahead, 16-7. Bykov shined with a driving layup while Domercant buried his first triple to make it a 14-point game, 21-7. Monya made 5-for-6 free throws in the final minute of this period to boost Dynamo's lead to 26-8 after 10 minutes.

Nenad Misanovic and Erden made free throws early in the second quarter, as Galatasaray tried full court pressure and became a 2-3 zone defense after every foul shot made. Erden scored in penetration while Gaines brought his team within 27-13. Hansen stepped up with his trademark corner three-pointer but Besok took over with a five-meter turnaround jumper. Gaines dunked it off a Galatasaray timeout but Hansen quickly answered with an easy layup. Erdem Turetkem provided a highlight with a big fast break dunk while an unstoppable Gaines added a power layup to give Galatasray some hope at 32-21. Dynamo called timeout to adjust its offense against Galatasaray's 2-3 defense and Vujanic sank back-to-back three-pointers to restore a 17-point lead at 38-21. Brown struck from downtown and Besok added a free throw but Javtokas dunked it over Turetkem. Chris Owens found his first points around the basket, igniting a 0-7 run that Brown capped with free throws for a 40-31 Galatasaray deficit. Javtokas scored inside and Domercant added a six-meter jumper to put Dynamo out of trouble, 44-31, at halftime.

Erden made free throws right at the start of the second quarter and then fed Turektem for a bomb from downtown, good for a 44-36 Galatasaray deficit. Gaines added a left-handed layup that Brown followed with a three-point play to bring Galatasaray back in the game, 44-41, after a 0-10 run. Hansen and Gaines traded two-handed dunks while Fotsis made free throws for a 48-43 Dynamo edge. Gaines kept pacing Galatasaray with a put-back basket while a three-pointer by Owens tied the game at 48-48. Galatasaray had entered the foul bonus and Dynamo made the most out of it. Javtokas made free throws and then followed Hansen's foul shots with a jump hook, good for a 54-48 Dynamo lead. Dynamo had improved ots defense andwas all over the place now, making Galatasaray commit one turnover after another. Hansen returned to the foul line to make 1-for-2 while Vujanic did not miss to make Galatasaray call timeout at 57-48. Both teams went scoreless for almost 2 minutes to make Dynamo keep its nine-point lead after 30 minutes.

Vujanic fired in one from beyond the arc to give Dynamo a 60-48 lead early in the fourth quarter. Galatasaray had been scoreless for more than 7 minutes already and called a much-needed timeout but Dynamo was all over the place in defense. Bykov had a big block on Brown and Javtokas added another one on Turetkem that allowed him to dunk in the other end. Galatasaray committed a 24-second violation that made the team go scoreless for 10 full minutes now. A free throw by Javtokas sealed a 15-0 run that sealed the outcome, 63-48, midway through the third quarter. Owens finally scored for Galatasaray but Bykov immediately answered from downtown to make it a 16-point game, 66-50. Monya followed free throws with a fast break dunk to give Dynamo a 20-point lead, 70-50. Everything was said and done up that point, as Dynamo managed to get its new goal and will be back in the competition next season. Meanwhile, Galatasaray will need to rank high in the Turkish League and had a bitter end to its fantastic ULEB Cup season.

Travis Hansen - Dynamo Moscow - Final Eight Turin 2008 - EC07
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Javier Gancedo, Turin, Italy
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Attendance: 5060
By Quarter1234
Dynamo Moscow26181327
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul8231719
End of Quarter1234
Dynamo Moscow26445784
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul8314867
Dynamo Moscow
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
6 HANSEN, TRAVIS 29:08 12 2/4 1/9 5/8 2 4 6 1 3   1 2 2 5 11
7 KHVOSTOV, DMITRY 2:31     0/1         1 1 1          
9 SAMOYLENKO, PETR 12:51           1 1 3   1     3    
10 BYKOV, SERGEY 19:34 7 2/3 1/4     1 1 4 1 1 1   2 1 8
12 MONIA, SERGEY 19:51 17 2/3 2/4 7/8 1 3 4   1   1   3 4 20
13 VUJANIC, MILOS 24:38 13 0/1 3/5 4/4   2 2 3 3 4     3 2 13
14 DOMANI, DMITRY DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
15 FOTSIS, ANTONIS 20:09 6 1/2 0/3 4/4   5 5 1   3     1 3 7
25 JAVTOKAS, ROBERTAS 30:59 14 4/8 1/1 3/5 1 8 9 1 1 1 1   2 5 22
31 MISANOVIC, NENAD 9:01 1     1/4   3 3     3     2 2 -2
44 DOMERCANT, HENRY 28:47 11 1/1 3/5     1 1 2 2 3     2 3 12
45 KOROLEV, YAROSLAV 2:31 3   1/2         1             3
Team                   1 1          
Totals 200:00 84 12/22 12/34 24/33 4 28 32 17 13 18 4 2 20 25 94
        54.5% 35.3% 72.7%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
4 TURETKEN, ERDEM 20:56 16 5/9 2/3   1 1 2 1   1 1 1 4   9
7 ERSOZ, TUFAN DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
8 GAINES, CHARLES 26:05 11 5/10   1/3 4 4 8 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 15
9 OWENS, CHRIS 24:27 7 2/2 1/4   1 3 4 1 2 1     4 2 8
10 KAYA, MURAT 18:58 7 0/2 2/3 1/3   2 2 4 1 5     2 3 5
11 SOLAK, FATIH 1:41                              
12 BESOK, HUSEYIN 21:07 6 1/4 1/2 1/2 1 4 5   1 1     4 1 3
15 NALGA, CEMAL 2:31 2 1/1                         2
17 BROWN, DEE 33:29 11 2/6 1/5 4/6 1 1 2 2 5 8   1 4 6 3
18 AKYOL, CENK 7:22     0/1     1 1             1 1
20 ERDEN, CUNEYT 27:33 5 0/1 0/2 5/6   2 2 4 2 1     4 4 8
35 JOHNSEN, BRITTON 15:51 2 1/4 0/2   1 6 7     2   1 3 1 -1
Team                   1 1          
Totals 200:00 67 17/39 7/22 12/20 9 24 33 13 14 21 2 4 26 20 53
        43.6% 31.8% 60%
Head coach: OZYER, MURAT

Head Coaches

Dynamo Moscow
"This was a very difficult game for us. Difficult and important, to finish the tournament with a good feeling to take back to Moscow. It was very difficult because we wanted to make, if possible, more than we did here. This kind of experience is always difficult, but today we showed very good team spirit and concentration. Of course, the third place game is not easy, nor for Galatasaray, but the game was important to bring us a place for the ULEB Cup next season. We don't know what will be the evolution between Joventut and Girona after this, but if we are a little lucky we now have a small chance to get a place for the Euroleague with today's victory. We played today like in the semifinal, up and down, with the third quarter again not very good. The other parts of the game, I think, were very good. We played our first half like yesterday's and the end like yesterday's, but yesterday it wasn't good enough, today it was.

"Like all the season, we didn't find continuity here in Turin. There are objective reasons, because our physical situation before the season, during and now stops our illusion during the game, and from game to game. You can play on a high level against a team that is a little bit better, or a little less, if you are first in good physical shape. We've had many, many problems with injury. Many problems. They are not very big injuries, but we've had them with the most important players during the season missing a minimum of eight or ten weeks. I don't like to look for excuses, but this is the situation. This is only one point that doesn't bring us confidence. Second, we don't play defense on the level that a team with ambitions like my team must play defense. Continuity on defense puts you on a high level of basketball. We don't have high-level defense. We work, fight, the players want, but we play five minutes of excellent defense and five minutes we don't play defense. You don't have potential to play with passes behind the back and such, unless you first play defense. We must first play defense, and after that everything is possible."
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul
"First of all, I congratulate Moscow for finishing in the third spot and getting the ticket for the ULEB Cup next season. I hope that we, too, can compete again next season in this very important Cup, because I think that we deserve it. When we look over the whole season, we did a very good job, but small mistakes made us finish fourth. For our club, for Turkish basketball and for our sponsors, it is very important for us to compete again in the ULEB Cup so we can use our experience from the last four of this weekend. If you check the game, technically speaking, it is not easy to give some comments, Our team was mentally and physically very down after the last game we played yesterday. We played very nervous and out of control in the first period. We came back and remembered our game, and tied it until beginning of the fourth quarter. Then our legs, our arms and our brains stopped. So the game finished then, too. I get from this tournament something very important. As Galatasaray Cafe Crown, we have to make investments in the junior and cadet levels to have some players like Girona and Badalona have. This is a very important thing in our budget, to have some young kids from your junior teams. We will work on that. Secondly, we have to bring our experience from Turin back to the Turkish League. I wish good luck all four teams in their national leagues, and for the two finalists and the fans, I hope it will be a very good show on the floor."


Dynamo Moscow
"We came here to win the tournament but we had what we had tonight. It is hard to play three games in a row, especially in European basketball, when there usually is so much time between games. We have to play two games in a row and it win was very important for us and I am happy that we got it. We didn't do a good job yet in the Russian League so now we have the playoffs and we have to pick it up. This was a good ending before the Russian League playoffs because we won our ULEB Cup game this season. We will have a little rest right now and come ready for the playoffs."
Dynamo Moscow
"This was a very good win for us after yesterday's loss. It was a difficult situation because no team that made it to the semifinals wants to end up playing the third place game. We were a bit tired but managed to control the game, play tough and deserved to win it. I don't know what is going on for next season and I hope that maybe we will have some chance to play in the Euroleague, but we will see. This is basketball, there is only one ball and we had a good season, but we didn't play well last night. We have to forget about that loss and focused on the Russian League playoffs."
Dynamo Moscow
"It was a tough game to play, because the third place game is not what we came here for. It was tough to concentrate. We wanted to win, played tough and stick to out game plan. Of course, we played three games in three days, we were tired and both teams were up-and-down, but we figured out the way to win and that's the most important thing. I think we had a good ULEB Cup season. We won our group, made it to the Final Eight and had the chance to win the competition, but finished in the third place. It wasn't what we wanted because we always want to win. We have to go back to the Russian League and see what we do in the playoffs. We have to show our basketball and play better than ever."
Dynamo Moscow
"Galatasaray Cafe Crown is a good team, but we managed to fight through and were lucky to get out rhythm. We have a good start and they had to use their whole energy to come back and that is very difficult. I am glad that we capped our ULEB Cup season with this win. We made them go scoreless for 10 minutes, making each other stay motivated. We are disappointed because our goal is to win everything. Hopefully we will do even better in the Russian League playoffs."
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul
"They started the game very strong and soon got a 20-point lead and then in the second half we tried to come back and played better. We got as close as something as 4 points but we made easy mistakes and their two three-pointers in a row broke the game open for them. Nobody was expecting us to be here and reach the semifinals, everybody thought it would be Besiktas. It was even a surprise for us, but we always believed in ourselves. Now we'll be in the Turkish League playoffs and we'll try our best there."
Galatasaray Cafe Crown Istanbul
"It was a tough loss. We fought hard and even came back but anyway it ended as a 20-point game. We learn how to play better, how to execute better. Now we have to focus on the Turkish League and try to finish among the first four to get a top seed. This is our main goal now, and once there try to do fine going straight to the end."