Dylan Ennis, MoraBanc: 'We are the face of a country right now!'

Jan 29, 2019 by Dylan Ennis - Andorra La Vella, Andorra Print
Dylan Ennis, MoraBanc: 'We are the face of a country right now!'

Hello, EuroCup fans! Things are going well for us in MoraBanc Andorra, especially since the start of the new year. We are finding ourselves. We had David Walker out, who is a big part of what we do, and had to do some adjustments while he was out. We changed one player and had to figure out who we were as a team. But as the season goes on, we have known each other more and we have been forged, and that is thanks to our coach. He put the pieces in the right spots and told us to be patient, and right now, it is working well for us.

One of the great things about our team is that we put no excuses. All teams have injuries, but only the strongest move on and keep playing hard. I think we are a deep team with a lot of talented players. When Walker was out, a couple of guys picked it up for him, now D.J. [David Jelinek] is out for a little bit, but everybody stepped up, and we were without Andrew Albicy in our last game, but we are good at staying together. We have a lot of guys in different positions and that definitely helps. We beat UNICS at home and Zenit on the road and that showed that even when Andorra is a small team, people cannot take advantage of us. Beating Zenit on the road made all in Europe realize we are a team to be reckoned with. We cannot be comfortable with that. We have to stay hungry, and the hungrier we are, the better we will be.

"The hungrier we are, the better we will be."

It is very cool to be on a team that represents a whole country. Andorra is very small, but because it is, all the people can come to the games and support us a lot. We are not just the face of one city; we are the face of a country right now. It is an honor to represent Andorra like we are. The team's motto is: "We are a country" -- Som Un Pais -- and country pride is everything. If we are able to make our fans proud, we are doing something right.

It's been a cold winter for us. Not only do we live in Andorra, but we will in Russia twice during the Top 16. It is not too bad for me; I am from Canada, so I am used to the cold weather. It doesn't stop us from getting to the gym and getting extra shots up and be ready for games. A lot of people come to Andorra to ski, but obviously we are not allowed to. Nobody wants to get injured skiing, but it is good here! I have my daughter on the way, in three months, and it is good because I live downtown and my wife is able to get a little exercise, walk up and down, and go to the stores. I cannot complain. The people are great, it is a clean city and there are a lot of shops.

We are already in the EuroCup Playoffs, but have two more games to play, which will be very important for the home-court advantage. Obviously, qualifying is great and we definitely celebrated it after being Zenit for the second time, but we went back to work immediately. We have these two last EuroCup games in the Top 16 and many games in the Spanish League which will be very important, ranking-wise and momentum-wise. Being first, opposed to second, will be a lot better for us. If we win our last two games in this group, we will go to the playoffs with a lot of confidence. We will play against Cedevita next, a talented team with nothing to lose right now. Those are the most dangerous teams. You cannot get comfortable because when you lose a few games, your confidence goes down. Still, our coach keeps us focused, doing extra work and taking extra shots. If we stay focused, we will be good.

This club doesn't have a lot of employees but finds a way to get the job done. We are truly a family and are proud of being close. We are not a big team, don't have the biggest budget and have not been around for many years, but when everybody does their part, everything goes really well. The local players help us a lot. Guille Colom is my guy! He is my best friend on the team. He stays positive and is always ready to go when Coach calls his number. Being from here, he is able to help me out with everything I need. As I said, he is always positive and I love his attitude. He is a great teammate who supports us every step of the way. He is a great basketball player, as well. His time will come. His brother Quino was All-EuroCup last year. I talk to him on private messages on Instagram and hopefully, when his season is over, he will be able to come back here, and we'll have the chance to meet and have dinner together. That would be cool!

"We are competitors and want to try to go all the way."

One thing that I noticed is that the club has a lot of impact on social media. Our press officer, Gabi, is always asking me if I want to do little sketches, and we did a very funny video message at Christmas, his idea. We do what he tells us! He is always around us, taking pictures and videos, and I think it is great for the team to have this interaction with the fans, to show them what we do every day. I follow the Lakers' Instagram and love to see behind-the-scenes stuff, what LeBron James is doing, how he prepares for the games. What we have is great for the fans to not just watch us play, but to be in contact with us, see other things that we do.

We are aware that being one of the best eight teams in the EuroCup for the first time is historical for Andorra. Still, we don't want to stop there. No team wants to start a season not wanting to fight for championships. We want to win the EuroCup championship but to get there, we always have to think on the next game. That is always the most important game -- the next one. It is great to be in the position that we are in now. I don't think a lot of people would have predicted it, but just because we exceeded expectations, we cannot be satisfied. We are competitors and want to try to go all the way. And to do so, you have to deal with what is in front of you and continue to do that.