Fridzon bounced back right on time

Oct 17, 2019 by Print
Fridzon bounced back right on time

The game between Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar and Limoges CSP was a hard-fought battle for all 40 minutes. Lokomotiv led 42-41 at halftime and Limoges took the lead, 55-58, at the end of the third quarter. The game was going down to the wire and the team that found a reliable go-to guy would get the win.

After a free throw by Semaj Christon drew Limoges within 65-64 with 6 minutes to go, Lokomotiv found its go-to guy in veteran bomber Vitaly Fridzon, who had a sub-par night until then. Indeed, Fridzon had missed all of his 5 shots until that point, committed 2 turnovers and made 3 fouls.

None of that mattered when it came to seal the outcome. Fridzon caught a high pass from Dmitry Kulagin and immediately hit a shot from the right wing. Soon after that, he finished a fast break with a reverse layup, using his experience to prevent his shot from being blocked. All of a sudden, Lokomotiv led 71-66 with over 4 minutes remaining.

Vincent Sanford, Limoges's best player on this night in Krasnodar, downed a big three-pointer to give Limoges hope, 71-69, but it took Fridzon just 17 seconds to answer from downtown and thus causing Limoges to abandon all hopes of winning the game.

To put the game on ice, Alan Williams stepped up with a three-point play, Mantas Kalnietis also scored and by the time Kulagin downed a triple, Lokomotiv had taken off to 82-71. At that moment, knowing he got the job done, Fridzon returned to the bench. He turned a poor game into a performance to be remembered throughout the season. Being ice cold when it mattered led Lokomotiv to an important win.