Teodosic was the decider in Trento

Jan 22, 2020 by Eurocupbasketball.com Print
Teodosic was the decider in Trento

Fans of Dolomiti Energia Trento likely have a bittersweet taste after the game their team lost to Segafredo Virtus Bologna in Round 3 of the 7DAYS EuroCup Top 16 on Tuesday. Trento played and was defeated by Virtus twice in January despite great effort and remarkable comebacks. In both games, their team's executioner was the same man: Milos Teodosic. The Serbian playmaker starred with 30 points in their previous game in the Italian League and he punished Trento again with 23 points and 5 assists in their first duel in the Top 16.

Teodosic's outstanding basketball IQ and vast experience have been critical for Virtus since the beginning of the season, and he proved it again against Trento. He was MVP of the EuroCup Regular Season while coming off the bench, but became a starter once the Top 16 begun. In that role, Teodosic pushed Virtus to a strong start with 6 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steal in less than 8 minutes, good for a 10-24 lead when he headed for the bench without any missed shots thus far.

He wasn't so accurate in the second and the third quarters, and Virtus struggled for that fact. Thanks to Toto Forray's magic night, Trento was able to react, erasing the Virtus advantage with a 12-0 run that turned the game upside-down in the last quarter. Trento was ahead 57-54 with 6 minutes still remaining when Teodosic took the floor for the last time and made it clear that he would not let victory escape his team's hands.

First, he forged a 57-57 tie with a timely three-pointer. Even though he committed an unsportsmanlike foul and missed from behind the arc on the following plays, the game became his property from then on. With Trento leading 61-57 he assisted Giampaolo Ricci for a triple and followed with another bomb of his own to tie it again, 63-63.

Teodosic continued running the show by finding Julian Gamble inside for his fifth assist, then scored an acrobatic layup and hit a couple of free throws to contain Trento's comeback and re-gain a 65-69 lead for Virtus entering the last minute. By then, 13 of his team's last 15 points had come from Teodosic's hands. It all happened in just 4 minutes, proving once again that when Milos is on fire, Virtus fans celebrate.