Tech Challenge projects NFC Sound and Coach Couch going to Final Four!

May 13, 2018 by Print
 Tech Challenge projects NFC Sound and Coach Couch going to Final Four!

Euroleague Basketball's great symbiosis with the world of technology takes another step forward at the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four as two finalists from the EB Tech challenge, powered by La Salle-URL, will be present at European basketball's signature event. NFC Sound, the Tech Challenge Overall Winner and the Most Disruptive Solution award winner, will be joined in Belgrade by CouchCoach, both of them granting EuroLeague fans access to new, innovative technologies applied to basketball.

The first EB Tech Challenge drew 62 applicants from startups in 17 different countries and produced nine finalists who came to Barcelona in mid-March for a week's worth of networking, individual and group challenge-solving sessions, business validation and mentoring programs, and conference get-togethers. Their mission was to present the most innovative technologies that could solve existing challenges within the professional sports industry or create new revenue generation and fan engagement opportunities. Now, two of those finalists are bringing their brilliance to the Final Four from May 18 to 20 in the Serbian capital.

NFC Sound uses ultrasound to reach and engage fans without internet or Wi-Fi. Its "Internet of Sound" technology sends data over sound waves, turning any speaker or music source into an off-line tool to receive data like information, polls, program activities, maps, coupons, marketing, tickets, etc. It creates offline experiences to reach everyone, everywhere -- even in places with no connectivity whatsoever available.

Through NFC Sound's cutting-edge innovation, fans at the Final Four in Belgrade who have the EuroLeague app on their phones will be able to take part in the pre-tipoff show at the championship game. The sound will activate their phones to display colors that will be coordinated with the music and the show on the court. Also, fans will receive exclusive offers and discounts on their phones through the sound of the event.

CouchCoach is a second-screen application through which basketball fans can coach from wherever they sit, propose players, and win or lose points based on real-time decisions. CouchCoach has developed an online game in which fans are asked to predict the next moves of the on-court coaches in real-time during EuroLeague games. Users score points for each accurate prediction and compete in leagues for prizes. CouchCoach will enrich the fan-viewing experience at the Final Four and will allow fans to compare themselves with mastermind coaches like Zeljko Obradovic, Pablo Laso, Dimitris Itoudis and Sarunas Jasikevicius!