Important information for Final Four ticket holders

May 11, 2017 by Print
Important information for Final Four ticket holders

Euroleague Basketball would like to remind all Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four attendees about several important event rules and to offer advice from the organization with the aim of ensuring safe enjoyment of the games by all attending fans.

Accessing the arena:

Access to the arena will only be granted to fans who hold valid tickets. (See the list of authorized ticket vendors below.) It is strongly recommended that all fans reach the arena well in advance to the starting time of each game in order to ensure a smooth entry. Doors will open two hours before the start of the first game, so at 4:30 p.m. local time on Friday and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. The event organization, as well as the local police, advise all fans to reach the arena early. Entrance to the arena and security protocols may take longer than expected. How to get there

Fan code of conduct and FAQs

We encourage all fans to review the event’s Terms & Conditions and FAQs before reaching the arena.

These documents will provide fans with all important information needed for access to the arena on both days.

It is important that fans review the prohibited items list*. Such items will not be allowed inside the Sinan Erdem Dome due to local police regulations. If any of the prohibited items are brought to the arena, be aware that there will be no storage space nor any lockers for these items to be kept during the event. In case coins are brought to the arena, charitable organizations will place urns throughout the premises where one can deposit their coins and donate to their causes.

It is important that all fans avoid bringing such items in order to improve circulation at the entrance, thereby reducing queues and waiting times.

*Prohibited Items: alcoholic drinks, food, bottles, cans and any other type of containers; narcotics, psychotropic or stimulant drugs or similar substances; political and advertising materials or materials of xenophobic / homophobic / racial nature; glass and toxic substances; bags larger than 40cm x 40cm; any type of weapons or objects that may be used as such (lighters, coins, umbrellas, sticks, pressurised containers, flagpoles, umbrellas, motorcycle helmets etc.); megaphones, vuvuzellas, horns, selfie sticks, lasers pointers, flares, fireworks, explosives or, in general, inflammable, smoky or corrosive products.

For any further questions, you may contact [email protected]

Authorised vendors

Entrance to the arena will be prohibited to any fan who does not hold a valid ticket acquired from one of the event's authorised vendors. The authorized vendors are:

Any other vendor not listed here is an illegal vendor. Please report any illegal vendors here: [email protected]

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

Enjoy the 2017 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four!