EFES Cheerleading Academy highlights the Fan Zone experience

May 12, 2013 by Euroleague.net Print
EFES Cheerleading Academy highlights the Fan Zone experience
Every day, on hourly basis, fans at the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Fan Zone gather around the Efes Cheerleading Academy, which has been one of main attractions and one of many activities Euroleague Basketball’s premium sponsor Efes Pilsener brought to the Fan Zone.

“Trafalgar Square is a very famous and historical part of the city. So having Efes Pilsener here is exciting, and it’s a fantastic chance to engage with global consumers”, said Mert Gursoy, Marketing Supervisor from Efes Pilsener. “The basketball association that has been created with Euroleague Basketball is a great chance to introduce our brand to bigger audiences worldwide. We are very satisfied with that.”

Among the Efes-sponsored activities at the Fan Zone, visitors are invited to use Efes “Like Stations” where fans chose their favorite 2013 Euroleague Final Four teams, and get an ID Card they later synchronize with their Facebook accounts to announce their team affiliation. Fans can get their Instagram pictures taken and printed out at the Always Snapshot stations, grab a taste of Euroleague Basketball’s Favorite Beer at the Efes Sports Bar, and pick up one of the presents Efes is handing out to supplement the Fan Zone experience. All of that is in addition to the Cheerleading Academy, where the Lokomotiv Kuban dancers as well as local cheerleading teams entertain the visitors and conduct workshops with the fans.

“Trafalgar Square is a great place and it was exciting seeing so many people watch our shows,” said Igor Sorokin, one of choreographers of the Lokomotiv Kuban dancers, winners of the EFES Dance Square Off contest. “We also did workshop with fans, and it was great to dance both here at the Fan Zone and at The O2.”