2014 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four entertainment

May 10, 2014 by Euroleague.net Print

Of course the basketball is the main course at the 2014 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four, but the thousands of fans at Milan’s Mediolanom Forum will get the chance to sample a number of exiting starters and side dishes over the weekend with a series of fantastic entertainers scheduled to perform. Pre-game, post-game and halftime minutes will be filled with some of the most popular performers in their respective fields to thrill the audience. The freestyle acrobatics of Da Move, acrobatic dancing from Show Globe, emotional singing of the Sunshine Gospel Choir, and all of it spiced up with FunkyTown Entertainments, guarantee that even when basketballs are not bouncing on the floor, Mediolanum Forum will still be jumping.

FunkyTown Entertainments is one of Europe's leading basketball presentation teams, with a growing reputation in other sports and entertainment fields. The duo of MC Simon Hosannah and DJ Mark Leonard help get the building moving during the games and intermissions. FunkyTown played a significant role at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, and made its premier Euroleague appearance at the 2013 Final Four. “To be working at the Euroleague Final Four again is a wonderful opportunity, but to do it in such a great city as Milan takes it to another level. I look forward to another fantastic event,” Leonard said.

While Mediolanum Forum is jamming with FunkyTown, the crowd will be thrilled to see the rims rocking with the latest tricks from Da Move. Always coming up with new choreographies and never tried before stunts, Da Move provides a powerful mix of freestyle. On the scene together for more than a decade, the group founded by Fabio K-lean Mastromatteo and Lorenzo Aig Scream Pinciroli was among the pioneers of the European freestyle movement. Constantly looking to find new tendencies, they employ fresh performers and incorporate elements from various backgrounds into their performances.

Show Globe is a fusion of dance and acrobatics that creates new forms of expression. The result is a fascinating artistic show in both the horizontal and vertical levels. A number of dancers and performers come together note by note, step by step, to build an exciting acrobatic exhibition.

An emotional show is guaranteed with the Sunshine Gospel Choir, an ensemble of about 40 elements. Directed by Alex Negro, with Beppe Nicolosi as lead vocal, several soloists and a live performing band, the Sunshine Gospel Choir has played more than 400 concerts at prestigious venues, often collaborating with famous singers from Europe and the USA. With a mix of energy, rhythm and emotion, the choir's performances are influenced by various music - from the oldest spirituals, to Blues, up to modern Hip-Hop - leaving people of all ages to enjoy their rhythm and energy.