Euroleague Final Four Coaches Clinic reaches global audience

May 29, 2014 by Print
Euroleague Final Four Coaches Clinic reaches global audience
150 coaches hailing from five continents converged on the 2014 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four International Coaches Clinic in Milan, which was organized by Giorgio Gandolfi: Sport Marketing, Events and Communication. Coaches from 30 countries filled Palasport Salvador Allende to learn from Cedevita Zagreb and Croatian national team coach Jasmin Repesa, Italian national team coach Simone Pianigiani, Spanish national team coach Juan Antonio Orenga and former NBA Finalist Brian Hill. The clinic took place over two days on the Final Four weekend, with a full day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday.

The four guest lecturers used Armani Junior players to demonstrate concepts and plays during their respective sessions. Each coach spoke on a minimum of two topics; Repesa focused on zones, Orenga focused on work with big men, Pianigiani on game preparation and analysis and Hill on out-of-bounds plays and pick and roll.

"We have to get back to playing a little closer to the basket with centers, but also with guards," Orenga said during one of his sessions. He explained that the drills and concepts he shared at the clinic are the same that he uses with the superstars on the Spanish national team. Pianigiani was aided by EA7 Emporio Armani Milan assistant coach Mario Fioretti who also serves on Pianigiani’s national team staff as they implored the coaches that "everyone, even without great means, if you have a staff that works well together can benefit tremendously from video scouting and analysis.”

Among the many coaches in attendance were a wide variety including Olympic Gold Medalist and Brazilian national team coach Ruben Magnano, in Milan to also follow Team Brazil’s participation in the Nike International Junior Tournament.

Fabrizio Frates, long-time Italian coach said: "I like the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four Coaches Clinic because of the opportunity to listen to great level coaches coming also from other countries. Living the Italian basketball environment, we have a continuous sharing of informations with coaches, the plus that makes this clinic more interesting is to have the chance to see different philosophies, also from coaches of National Team, like Spanish coach Orenga in this case. I think it's an enrichment and a important moment of upgrade for every coach."

Mounir Ben Slimane, Technical Director of UAE National Teams said: "The clinic was informative. An intense and inspiring weekend of basketball with a panel of knowledgeable and accessible presenters. It was a good opportunity to be around great coaches in this clinic and they were keen to give back to all the coaches who attended the clinic without holding anything. They showed the passion for the game of basketball. Thank you Euroleague."

Alba Fehervar and Romanai NT coach Marcel Tenter said: "It was a very useful clinic, with great and dedicated coaches. All the people around the organization of the clinic workde hard to fulfill every demand of the participants. I want to personaly thank to the organizators, coaches and personnel for creating a great basketball working atmosphere."