2010 Final Four Predictions: Dimitrios Mavroeidis

May 06, 2010 by Euroleague.net Print
2010 Final Four Predictions: Dimitrios Mavroeidis
Maroussi center Dimitrios Mavroeidis has a unique perspective on the Final Four. He and his team were among only two in Europe to have faced each of the Final Four teams during the season – CSKA in the Euroleague Regular Season, Regal FC Barcelona and Partizan Belgrade in the Euroleague Top 16 and Olympiacos in the Greek League. And looming for him after the Final Four is a Greek League semifinals showdown with the Reds. Mavroeidis made his Euroleague debut this season a memorable one, coming off the bench to rank third in the Euroleague in per-minute production as he helped Maroussi crash the Top 16. Now he takes that experience to analyze the Final Four for Euroleague.net.

Dimitrios, congratulations on a great first season in the Euroleague with Maroussi. Are you pleased with what you accomplished this year?

"We had a fantastic Euroleague season. It was a dream from start to finish, as we didn't expect this. We started in the Qualifying Rounds, got to the Regular Season and ended up one win away from reaching the Quarterfinal Playoffs. It was a historic season for Maroussi, something that doesn't happen every year."

What are your thoughts on Friday's first semifinal, Barcelona vs. CSKA, and which of them do you think will win?

"It is a 50-50 game, really. It will be a tough game for both teams. Barcelona has very good players, plays very physical and has a lot of talents. CSKA is strong, but not as much as it was. They have three perimeter players able to make the difference in Holden, Langdon and Siskauskas, but still, I think Barcelona will win."

What are your thoughts on Friday's second semifinal, Partizan vs. Olympiacos, and which of them do you think will win?

"As for the second semifinal, I think Olympiacos has a bigger advantage than any other team. It has a lot of players, a big budget, a very good organization and tremendous talent. Partizan is a coach’s team. Their players are like soldiers that fight for coach Vujosevic. They had a very good season and for them being in the Final Four is very big - especially considering their budget, too. Olympiacos, however, has the advantage and I think they will make it to the final."

That gives you a Barcelona vs. Olympiacos final on Sunday. Who do you pick as your Euroleague champion and why?

"Again, it is 50-50 game. Both teams are really good and anything can happen. It is difficult to say, but since Olympiacos is a Greek team, everybody here wants them to win the championship. I will go with them."

Who do you think will be a likely MVP for that winning team?

"Childress, Kleiza and Teodosic had very good seasons. If Olympiacos wins the Euroleague, I am sure one of these three players will be the MVP."