Jordi Bertomeu comments at Awards Ceremony

May 08, 2010 by Print
Jordi Bertomeu comments at Awards Ceremony
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight is a night to say thanks On behalf of all the Euroleague clubs, I would like to thank you for being here one more year in our Euroleague Final Four.

Thanks to all those who have helped us. Thanks to AEG, to Le Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, to the city of Paris and to its City Hall because today we are in this magnificent landmark to celebrate the Awards Ceremony in our tenth Euroleague Basketball season I especially want to thank to the French Basketball Federation and its President because they have performed a very important role to help us in this Final Four And I would like to ask our friend Mr. Yvan Mainini to come with me on the stage.

Last but not least I would like to thank our sponsors, TV partners and media members for their contribution to basketball and especially to this event the Final Four.

But today is the night of our players, of our stars. Of those who have made our fans enjoy of those who make sure that our sport grows and becomes more popular. Because this is what it's all about. It is about basketball being a means to entertain, to educate and to shape our youth. To educate them in a culture of solidarity and commitment. This is the essence of the basketball game. This is our mission and thanks to our players we can contribute to make our society a better one.

Tonight is their night, the players night, and we want to dedicate it to them as a sign of gratitude.

Thank you very much and enjoy Paris.