2007-08FinalsGame 1
April 13, 2008 CET: 18:30
Local time: 18:30 PALAVELA
Joventut Champion - DKV Joventut - Final Eight Turin 2008 - EC07

DKV Joventut is the 2007-08 ULEB Cup champion!

Joventut lifted its first ULEB Cup trophy by downing Akasvayu Girona 54-79 in the all-Spanish title game at Palavela in Turin, Italy on Sunday night. Joventut had downed Pamesa Valencia and Galatasaray Cafe Crown this weekend and along with the ULEB Cup title, the club got a spot in the 2008-09 Euroleague. Despite the loss, Akasvayu has locked a spot in the 2008-09 ULEB Cup by finishing second. Demond Mallet led the winners with 26 points on 3-for-3 two-pointers and 6-for-8 triples. Rudy Fernandez added 13 points and became the Final MVP, while Jerome Moiso had 10, 7 rebounds and 4 blocks - a new ULEB Cup final record - for Joventut. Ivan Radenovic had 26 points for Akasvayu, Arriel McDonald added 11 while Marc Gasol grabbed 10 rebounds. Joventut set ULEB Cup final records for less points allowed - 54 - and biggest winning margin - 25. Aito Garcia Reneses won its fourth different European club title, as he had previously won the Saporta Cup, the Korac Cup and the FIBA EuroCup. He joins Dusan Ivkovic in a select club of European club greats. Akasvayu led 12-2 early in the game but Mallet and Fernandez brought Joventut within 21-16 after 10 minutes. Fernandez stepped up with a go-ahead driving layup, 22-23, while Petar Popovic and Ferran Laviña allowed Joventut to extend its margin to 27-34 at halftime. Joventut kept shining in defense, while an unstoppable Fernandez allowed his team to break the game open, 37-58, after 30 minutes, enough to seal the outcome long before the final buzzer and allow their fans to celebrate yet another European Club title!

DKV Joventut head coach Aito Garcia Reneses shocked everyone by leaving Fernandez, who had shoulder problems, out of the starting five, opting instead for a twin playmaker lineup featuring Ricky Rubio and Mallet. Branko Cvetkovic got Akasvayu going by beating the shot clock with a seven-meter bomb. Mallet hit a floating jumper for Joventut, but a free throw by Gasol and a three-pointer by Radenovic gave Akasvayu a 7-2 lead. Radenovic kept pacing Akasvayu with a layup-plus-free throw, making Joventut call timeout at 10-2. Jagla missed twice from downtown while Radenovic - who else? - banked in a jump hook, good for a double-digit Akasvayu lead, 12-2, after a 9-0 run. Jagla tried to ignite his team's comeback with a power layup on which he was fouled. It turned into a four-point play as Akasvayu guard Victor Sada accidently tipped in a basket for Joventut while trying grab Jagla's extra free throw off the rim. Marc Gasol sank foul shots for Akasvayu, but Lubos Barton changed the game momentum with a huge block on Cvetkovic. Mallet buried a running triple and soon added another one from beyond the arc to bring Joventut back within 14-12 after a 2-10 run. Radenovic scored again while Fernandez and McDonald found points on free throws. Fernandez buried a fallaway jumper while Jerome Moiso denied Gasol with a big block, but Erik Daniels nailed a triple from the left corner to give Akasvayu a 21-16 lead after 10 minutes.

Joventut kept struggling to score early in the second quarter, now with smaller lineup featuring Fernandez and Pau Ribas at both wings. But that's when Joventut's big men stepped up. Moiso had his second block on Gasol then scored around the basket and added an uncontested dunk. Joventut switched back to a 2-3 zone defense, and Akasvayu did not find the way to beat it while a driving layup by Fernandez completed Joventut's comeback with a 21-22 lead after 14 minutes. Akasvayu called timeout and came out attacking Joventut's zone defense. Gasol fed Radenovic for an easy basket but Petar Popovic answered with a left-handed layup in the other end and soon added another basket for a 23-26 Joventut lead. Ferran Laviña threw a baseball pass to Jagla for a fast break layup that McDonald erased with a driving basket. Joventut kept double-teaming Gasol on each Akasvayu possession while a red-hot Popovic scored again. Radenovic found another easy layup that got Akasvayu within 27-30. Mallet made free throws while Laviña collected a steal and flew downcourt to get fouled and sink another pair. Despite having made only 2 of 14 three-pointers until then, Joventut led 27-34 at halftime.

Mallet took over with a fallway jumper right after the break, as Girona finally found the way to the basket with a three-pointer by McDonald. Barton stepped up with a put-back layup, as Joventut was back to man-to-man defense now. Radenovic tried to change things with a free throw, but it only got Akasvayu within 31-38. Fernandez drew a foul that aggravated his shoulder injury, but he made both free throws anyway. He soon buried a three-pointer while Mallet stopped a fast break to hit another one from downtown that broke the game open, 31-46, and capped a 1-10 run midway through the third quarter. Gasol shined with a tip-in just when his team needed him most but he didn't find much help around. Fernando San Emeterio, however, found his first points around the basket but Moiso replied with a put-back dunk. Jagla shined with a basket in the low post and soon added a put-back layup, as Akasvayu kept missing open shots now. Ricky Rubio shined with a fast break layup that made it a 19-point game, 35-54. Radenovic tried to ignit his team's comeback with free throws but Laviña answered with a layup off a doorback pass for a 37-58 Joventut lead after 30 minutes. Joventut had limited Akasvayu to 16 points in the second and third quarters.

Akasvayu needed a quick comeback to get backin the game and the ever-present Radenovic tried to ignit one with a three-pointer from the right wing. Meanwhile, Joventut had already started to play with long possessions to keep its lead alive. McDonald scored in penetration to get Akasvayu within 42-58. Barton nailed a corner triple while Moiso took over again with yet another outstanding block. Gasol made free throws but Mallet erased it with a layup and soon added a bomb from downtown to seal the outcome, 47-66. Moiso kept shining at both ends and even when Akasvayu called timeouit, it was already too little, too late. Ribas got the party started in the stands with a five-meter jumper, as a majority of Joventut fans were already celebrating. Akasvayu kept trying, but Joventut was already the brand new ULEB Cup champion!

Demond Mallet - DKV Joventut - Final Eight Turin 2008 - EC07
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Javier Gancedo, Turin, Italy
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Attendance: 5060
By Quarter1234
Akasvayu Girona2161017
DKV Joventut Badalona16182421
End of Quarter1234
Akasvayu Girona21273754
DKV Joventut Badalona16345879
Akasvayu Girona
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
5 CVETKOVIC, BRANKO 20:49 3 0/1 1/5     2 2     3   1 2 1 -5
8 SADA, VICTOR 34:48 3 0/1 1/6     3 3 5   3   1 1 2 2
10 McDONALD, ARRIEL 34:09 11 3/4 1/7 2/2   1 1 3   3   1   2 6
11 NAGYS, TOMAS DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
15 DANIELS, ERIK 16:35 6 0/2 2/4   1 3 4     2     3   1
18 MONTANEZ, ROMAN 3:34           1 1           1    
19 SAN EMETERIO, FERNANDO 21:28 2 1/2 0/3   1 1 2   1 2     3 1 -3
32 WHITFIELD, MAURICE 5:12                         3 1 -2
33 GASOL, MARC 34:44 9 2/5 0/1 5/6 5 5 10 3 2 4 1 2 2 4 16
44 MIDDLETON, DARRYL DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
55 RADENOVIC, IVAN 28:41 20 5/8 2/3 4/5 1 1 2   2 1   1 2 6 21
Team           2   2               2
Totals 200:00 54 11/23 7/29 11/13 10 17 27 11 5 18 1 6 17 17 38
        47.8% 24.1% 84.6%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
DKV Joventut Badalona
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
00 MALLET, DEMOND 20:59 26 3/3 6/8 2/2   1 1             1 26
4 RIBAS, PAU 21:00 2 1/2 0/2         3   3     3   -4
5 FERNANDEZ, RUDY 26:37 13 3/5 1/4 4/4 3 4 7 2 3 2 1   2 5 22
9 RUBIO, RICKY 20:16 2 1/3 0/3           3 1   1 2 2 -2
11 BARTON, LUBOS 25:01 8 1/1 2/4   6 2 8 1 4   1   3 2 19
12 FRANCH, JOSEP 1:14     0/1                       -1
14 JAGLA, JAN 16:52 8 4/4 0/5 0/1 1 2 3 1   1     2 1 4
15 POPOVIC, PETAR 9:53 6 3/5       1 1 1         1   5
16 HERNANDEZ-SONSECA, EDU 4:24         1   1               1
18 LAVINA, FERRAN 25:50 4 1/1 0/4 2/2 1 4 5 1 2 1     1 3 9
19 TOMAS, PERE 2:11                              
22 MOISO, JEROME 25:43 10 4/8   2/4 2 5 7   1   4   3 3 16
Totals 200:00 79 21/32 9/31 10/13 14 19 33 9 13 8 6 1 17 17 95
        65.6% 29% 76.9%

Head Coaches

Akasvayu Girona
"It has been a game in which we were not able to compete the way we should. DKV Joventut dominated the offensive rebounds. They got a lot of long offensive rebounds and their defensive switchs from zone to man-to-man made us miss shots that we worked hard to get. We wree not fresh, physically and physchologically speaking. We tried everything we had in the second half but things didn't work out the way we wanted because we played against a very physical opponent that knows how to get advantage of that. Of course, it is better to finish second than third and even when we leave with a bitter taste, we will be able to see tomorrow that we had a good ULEB Cup season in general terms. We don't like to be able to compete in the final but we must accept it, be positive and think we are doing things in the right way."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"Yes, maybe we were a bit tired tonight. We spent a lot of energy during the last two games. We hadsome freshness when we started the game and we played great in the first quarter. But maybe in the middle of the second quarter we started to go downhill. I can talk about myself, I was totally empty in scoring. I didn't see the stats yet but I think that we hit two or three threes when it was important, not counting the last two minutes so they stopped Marc and also did a good job outside. We reached the final of the ULEB Cup, and that is a big thing. Way better than the FIBA Cup."


Akasvayu Girona
"Joventut played a very good game tonight. You have to give them all the respect and the credit because they played really hard and they wore us down. A couple of our shots didn't go in and they made it difficult for us to get some open shots. For now we'll try to make the playoffs in the Spanish League and from there do our best to advance."
Akasvayu Girona
"Yes, maybe we were a bit tired tonight. We spent a lot of energy during the last two games. We hadsome freshness when we started the game and we played great in the first quarter. But maybe in the middle of the second quarter we started to go downhill. I can talk about myself, I was totally empty in scoring. I didn't see the stats yet but I think that we hit two or three threes when it was important, not counting the last two minutes so they stopped Marc and also did a good job outside. We reached the final of the ULEB Cup, and that is a big thing. Way better than the FIBA Cup."
Akasvayu Girona
"I think that tiredness was our enemy tonight. We started well but as the game went on we started to miss the outside shots, they went for the offensive rebounds and we couldn't run so that was key. They pressed a lot in the paint and played a lot of double-teams on Marc and that really stopped us."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"It was the game we were looking for in general terms. We had a strong start but we managed to get our rhythms since the second quarter. There was a key moment in which Akasvayu could not follow us, it went down a little bit and we sealed the outcome. I started the season without knowing if I would play much and I find myself in a great team, so there is little more I can ask for."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"From my point of view, we had a good game. Akasvayu had a little disadvantage coming into this game, which is that it had played two games in as many days. They were two very intense games for them and physically, they paid for it much more than us. They tried to set the game rhythm and in fact they did, but as the minutes went by, we started to play at out level and Akasvayu could not follow our pace. We already won two titles and the season is not over. We have to celebrate for a couple of days and get ready for a Spanish League game against Real Madrid. We still can win another title. I am proud to become the first player to win two ULEB Cup titles and I hope to win more. I am sure that many players will do the same and even better. I hope to keep enjoying and having fun with this group of players."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"Well, we are really happy. I think we are having a great season, it just can't get better. We have won the three titles we have played. We want more now, but it is the time to enjoy this moment. You can see our fans over there, this is amazing. I think we managed to handle the pressure and we played a great game tonight."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"I feel like we have done what we came to do here you know, we had a goal and I think right now the Euroleague is right here for us. Now it is time to enjoy this moment. Stopping Marc Gasol was key and also stopping anybody. We managed to never let them feel comfortable and we never let them get involved. We did a good job tonight on defense."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"It feels great to win this. We struggled at the beginning but they were obviously very tired. You could certainly tell that Gasol was tired but he is a major guy and we basically managed to stop him. Now it is the time to celebrate this and we will think about more things later."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"I feel great, second title this year and we just keep playing well. The ULEB Cup is a great competition and to win it is amazing. Euroleague next year yes. I think we would have done really well if we had played this year but now we will have to show it next year."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"This is a great feeling. I'd say that a Final Eight. For me, being in this team is a blessing. It's great to be here and it paid off. The game was greatand awesome. We played great and it paid off today."
DKV Joventut Badalona
"Unbelievable. It was the goal for us this season and we managed to win two very important titles this season. I think that we started a little scared and speculating but we never do that. In the last two quarters we were way more aggressive in defense and that is when you could tell the real Joventut. It was clear that any player can bring things to the team. I was about not to play because of the pain in my shoulder. I did a great effort to overcome the pain because in this kind of game there is no pain. I gave my maximum and thanks to the team we won I think."

"For me and for everyone, I am sure, Jerome Moiso has been the most determinant player tonight, not only on offense, but on defense he stoodup to Marc Gasol, one of the top centers in Europe. I just wanted to give him thanks for all that he did in this game to make sure we won. I think he deserved it."
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