Birkan Batuk, Efes: 'We were the champions!'

Feb 21, 2018 by Birkan Batuk - Istanbul Print
Birkan Batuk, Efes: 'We were the champions!'

It’s me again, Birkan Batuk from Anadolu Efes Istanbul. This time I am writing about a week full of determination, competition and satisfaction. Yes, I am writing about how we won the Turkish Cup last week for the 11th time.

Having a tough time in EuroLeague, which is the most competitive league in Europe, we knew that we had to compensate for that situation in some way. We knew it would not be easy; especially because we started with the toughest matchup in the Turkish Cup quarterfinals, against Fenerbahce Dogus… Before the game, we had a team meeting to remind ourselves how important it was to win the cup. We were determined and got ourselves prepared physically and mentally for the tournament.

In the first game against Fenerbahce Dogus, we showed from the beginning of the game how determined we were and how much we wanted to finish it victorious. After 40 minutes full of hustle and teamwork, we got our first win of the competition by eliminating Fenerbahce Dogus. After we won that game, many fans might have thought that we would win the cup easily, but that was wrong. My teammates and I knew that we had two more steps for the victory. We came into our semifinal game against Darussafaka with that mentality. As we expected, it wasn’t an easy win, however, we didn’t stop competing until we won.

Then the last step of the tournament arrived, the final against Tofas. As a team, we were determined to win the cup before the EuroLeague competition starts again. We needed that motivation. So we dominated the game as a team from the beginning of the game and won it. We were the champions! We won the Turkish Cup for the 11th time, which is the most Turkish Cups won by any team. You can feel the satisfaction and joy when you raise the cup to the sky.

Now as a team, we are getting better and better each day. And we want to keep the same determination until end of the EuroLeague season.