Davide Pascolo: Lunch of the Outcasts

Jan 15, 2018 by Davide Pascolo - Milan, Italy Print
Davide Pascolo: Lunch of the Outcasts

Hello EuroLeague fans! As you all know, we have entered into a crucial part of the EuroLeague season. These are the moments when every team has to play its cards right to get the best place possible in the standings in order to strive for a playoffs berth.

We were unable to be brilliant in the last games, and as such we remain at the bottom of the standings. So now we have to continue working hard and staying together to face the upcoming games with a great desire to improve our position in the table, to redeem ourselves and to show that we don't deserve to be there.

We're coming off the Christmas and New Year holidays, but to us, they were not that different from the rest of the year, especially regarding games and practices. And that is the reason why we lived those days in an unusual and special way. For most people, December 25 is a day to live and share with their respective families. But for us, that was very difficult to do.

We played in Malaga on December 22, and then on the 26th we had a very important Italian League game to play in Milan. There was chance to have even half a day off! So we tried to build a different family for the occasion, one that was quite distanced from our real family.

That's how our athletic conditioner Giustino Danesi, the physiotherapist Marco Randazzo, Kaleb Tarczewski and me decided to have Christmas lunch together, and to celebrate it as a family! For different reasons, all four of us were alone, so we renamed this lunch, with humor, as "il pranzo dei reietti": the lunch of the outcasts.

We may have been an atypical family, but we were still a family! Used to celebrating Christmas day with my real family, so I didn't know what I could expect. But it turned out to be a great day between friends, one to remember, as I am sure to do long into the future.

The funniest part of it was watching my big friend Kaleb coming through the restaurant door overwhelmed by presents for us! Meanwhile, I and the others had we arrived desolately with our hands empty! To me, Giustino and Marco, Kaleb distributed vinyl records and big baskets full of cheese and cured meats. Amazing!

In the following days, we felt a duty to remedy our situation, and so after long thought and consideration, and knowing how much Kaleb loves Italian espresso, we decide to give him an espresso machine. Now Kaleb can say that he feels a little bit more Italian!