"La Bomba" Navarro, in his own words

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"La Bomba" Navarro, in his own words
Throughout his long and stellar career, Juan Carlos Navarro was a leader in every way for his team, FC Barcelona Lassa, and an example of the highest professionalism for players and fans throughout the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and beyond. In interviews and writing in his own blog on EuroLeague.net, Navarro recalled many of his greatest moments and his thoughts on both the competition and the game of basketball.

On the start of his career

"I was very lucky with the coaches I had. They always trusted me even when I was young, and always gave me the opportunity. The first years are usually hard because you normally have few opportunities and limited minutes, but at the same time you have great desire to do well. At that time, every game was a final for us and my memories are of a time of big effort and work that in the end brought great results."

On the 2003 title

"I remember I didn't have a great night, but every basket was like a goal in football. The atmosphere was impressive. Normally in Palau Sant Jordi it is not so intense, but for those two days people were backing us all the way. I think it was an epic year in all senses that will be remembered forever in the club's history. It was a magic On, the first EuroLeague title, which gave us a lot of strength."

On becoming EuroLeague and Final Four MVP

"The [2009] MVP honor holds a central spot among them all, it has a special flavor. But I would choose the two of them as my favorites, that year's MVP and especially the [Final Four MVP] from Paris, which was something important for me, to be the MVP of that final and to win it."

About what you play for: March 2014 interview

It is all you can ask for: Doing what you like – which is the luck that we have, working in what we like – and see people respond and have a good time. There is nothing better. We are lucky to do what we want, so when you do things well people enjoy it, you cannot ask for more!

On his signature "La Bomba" shot: February 2006 interview

"I am always trying to put more trophies in the case for the club and for me. At the end of my career, when I'll look back at them, I want to see that we earned respect with what we achieved."

"I made that one up in practice when I was a kid. I was always playing against guys bigger and better than me, and you could say it is a survival shot. I had to figure out a way to avoid my shot being blocked because nobody likes to see their shots blocked. After using it many times, I see that some other players use it from time to time, and I think it's funny because I made that one up as a survival shot, and now it can be seen in some other places."

On returning to Barcelona: April 2010 interview

"One of the reasons why I came back to Barcelona from the NBA was to help my team win titles - and that has been happening so far. The EuroLeague title, however, would take the club one step higher. It is very important to win that second EuroLeague title, for all of us and especially for me."

On the 2010 title

"The truth is that we had a complete year. We played well, there was good chemistry in the team. In the final it took us some time to get into the game, it was a bit more balanced. But in the second half everyone was like a steamroller and we managed to pull away.

On the difference between 2003 and 2010

"First it was a dream to win in 2003 for the first time for this club, Barcelona, at home with all our fans packing the Palau Sant Jordi. A dream come true. But personally I wasn't such an important player as I was in 2010. I think that 2010 was my confirmation as an important player in the team with more confidence and influence. And from there I think people respected me more."

On becoming the all-time top scorer: 24 November 2011

"It has been a special day and I am happy that I broke the record at home. I was more nervous than usual, but I finally made it. I imagined this could happen, because for the few days, people on the street were stopping me to remind me about it. The next step is to win titles. The team is in the right direction to do so."

On playing well over 35: October 2016 blog

"You can play good basketball at age 36…Maybe I am not as fast as I was 10 years ago, but you find the way around that and learn to be smart. That is what experience gives you.

"I always felt comfortable in the EuroLeague and people appreciate me a lot everywhere. I don't want people to think I am old or away from my best level. I want them to enjoy my game."

On watching his daughters play: December 2016 blog

"I never won a three-point contest in my life, and my daughter already has!"

"We have two daughters, Lucia and Elsa, and both play basketball, which is great. I wanted them to play sports – it didn't have to be basketball – because it helps them socialize and meet people. It is a very important thing for us as parents...Just a week ago, Lucia's team played a tournament, made it to the final and she won the three-point contest. I never won a three-point shooting contest in my life and my daughter already has! It is also funny that she won the gold medal in the Spanish minibasket championships – and I was kicked out of that team when I was her age."

"It is also funny that they already tell me what not to do on the court. For instance, I tell them not to protest to the referees, but sometimes they see me doing that on the court, so then when we speak at home it is the other way around; they tell me not to protest! I try not to tell them much; they already have extra pressure because of me being their father, so I only talk to them about what to do on the court if they ask me first."

About playing Clasicos: March 2017 blog

"I have played in a lot of critical Clasicos, but I will tell you that the most important ones I played were always in the EuroLeague. The best memories come from a playoffs series in 2010; we lost a game at Palau Blaugrana, but went to Madrid and beat them twice. I didn't play well in Game 2 and felt very guilty for that loss. We played two great games in Madrid and personally, I did really well. We got confidence and everything rolled after that; we won the EuroLeague that season, which is never easy. Then the worst memories are the two Final Four losses against Madrid in 2013 and especially 2014. You try to erase those losses from your mind, but you can't...The positive thing about 2014 is that we finished the season by winning the Spanish League and we beat Madrid in the finals."

On winning trophies: February 2011 interview

"I am always trying to put more trophies in the case for the club and for me. At the end of my career, when I'll look back at them, I want to see that we earned respect with what we achieved."