EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge: Tips and tactics

Oct 08, 2018 by Print
EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge: Tips and tactics

EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge is open for business again, and the 15th edition of European basketball's favorite online game promises to be more competitive than ever! Do you want an advantage over your friends when you compete in private leagues? Do you want to get an edge in the overall standings, too? Take a look at this valuable advice on tips and tactics to thrive at EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge!

1. DON'T SPEND A LOT IN YOUR BACKUP PLAYERS: We all learned the hard way last season, but there is no need to make the same mistakes again. Ideally, you want your backup player to be cheap, see playing time and grow in value throughout the game. The most practical thing, however, is spending the least money possible on your backup players - and use all the big cash on your starters, who will actually give you points.

2. FIND TIME TO DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR TEAM: updates injuries often. A quick look at game previews before the start of the round can save you from unexpected absences. Don't wait until the final minute before the deadline, but make sure you check your team with time to spare before the round starts.

3. USE VERSATILE PLAYERS: Using players listed at two positions gives you very valuable versatility going forward. That way, you can switch them around your team and get advantages.

4. DON'T SPEND IT ALL IN ROUND 1: Keep money in the bank in case things go south. There will be undervalued players in Round 2, as always, and you want those on your team at all cost.

5. TRY TO MAKE MONEY IN THE BEGINNING: A player can only go up or down 15% from one round to another. Therefore, there will be a lot of undervalued players in the opening rounds who will help you earn money and use it going forward. At the same time, overvalued players tend to go down in price unless they play really well in the next round. Keep that in mind!

6. KEEP THAT WINNING 10% IN MIND: Every EuroLeague game is unpredictable and anything can happen, but it is true that some of them are less unpredictable than others. For instance, big teams win more when they play at home. The winning team gets 10% extra in fantasy and you will want those extra points as often as possible!

7. CHECK DOMESTIC COMPETITIONS: If a player catches fire on the weekend, he can carry that momentum into his next EuroLeague game. When in doubt, checking domestic league boxscores can help you decide which player to choose.

8. INJURIES MEAN DIFFERENT ROTATIONS: It is key for a good strategy. If a team loses an important player due to injury, someone else will have to step up and this is the player you want for your fantasy squad. Missing a player can create a mismatch that the opponent team can take advantage of, too, so seeing which players a team's next rivals have in that position is interesting, too.

9. FREE THROW EXPERTS ARE A MUST: The Performance Index Rating is great but not perfect. Those players whose shots are blocked often rarely get a good PIR. On the other hand, those who go to the foul line often with very high percentages tend to have a solid PIR. We won't say their names, but surely you already have some of those players in mind...

10. TRUST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: If you really want to succeed in this game, it is all about anticipation – getting a player before he stands out, selling a player most users own before a round in which you think he will underperform. That sixth sense is what allows fantasy users to win private leagues... and eventually make it to the Final Four as the overall winner.

Most important – have a lot of fun! It is a game, after all, and a very good one! Enjoy the 2018-19 EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge!