Inner-view: Stefan Jovic, FC Bayern Munich

Mar 27, 2019 by Print
Inner-view: Stefan Jovic, FC Bayern Munich

Point guard Stefan Jovic of FC Bayern Munich, who returned to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague this season, is the sole active single-game record-holder in the competition, thanks to the 19 assists he dished a few years ago while playing for Crvena Zvezda Telekom Belgrade, a team he helped reach the 2016 playoffs against all odds. Now, Jovic and Bayern are trying to upset the predictions by making their team the first ever from Germany to reach the playoffs. Hard to believe that basketball wasn't Jovic's first love. Back home in Serbia, Jovic became a devoted musician, playing acoustic guitar and singing, from a young age. We talked to him about his musical devotion.

What instrument do you play and since when?

"Since I was eight years old, I have been playing guitar. So that makes it 20 years now."

When did you learn?

"I learned in primary school."

What kind of music do you play?

"I play rock. Serbian and ex-Yugoslavian rock."

Do you always play alone or also with other people?

"I usually play with my brother, like a two-man band. He plays the same as me, guitar."

You also do your own singing sometimes. What do you like more, guitar playing or singing?

"I do not sing as well as I play, so I like to play the guitar more."

Do you play acoustic guitar only?

"Yes, only acoustic. I tried electric guitar, but I do not like it."

Do you write your own songs?

"I do not write my own songs. I only play other author's songs."

Have you ever performed in public?

"Sometimes. After we win a title, for instance. Then I play for everybody, for the people. But most of the time I play for my friends."

How often do you practice?

"Now, it is not possible to practice anymore because my son is scared when I pick up my guitar and start playing. So for more than a year now, I did not touch my guitar. It is difficult, because before that I played almost every day. >Maybe when he grows up he will get to like it."

Do you bring your guitar on the road?

"I did not bring my guitar with me to Munich."

Do you hope to play more music someday when you are not playing basketball all the time?

"No, I do not think about that."

Who are your musical performers who inspire you?

"Eric Clapton."

What's better, basketball or music-making?

"When I was a kid, I started go to school, and play soccer, basketball and guitar all at the same time. Basketball is better now. Earlier, it was music and guitar. I loved music first. I think it is possible to do both music and basketball."