2008-09SemifinalsGame 1
April 04, 2009 CET: 21:00
Local time: 21:00 PALASPORT OLIMPICO
Carlos Delfino and Jorge Garbajosa celebrates - BC Khimki - Final Eight Turin 2009 - EC08

BC Khimki Moscow region advanced to its first-ever Eurocup final!

BC Khimki Moscow region advanced to its first-ever Eurocup final by downing iurbentia Bilbao Basket 79-73 in the second semifinal at the Palasport Olimpico in Turin, Italy on Saturday. Khimki has the chance to win its first Eurocup title in the final against 2005 champions Lietuvos Rytas. Meanwhile, Bilbao had a bitter end to an incredible debut season in European club competitions. Carlos Delfino paced the winners with 18 points. Vitaly Fridzon added 14, Kelly McCarty had 12 while Jorge Garbajosa got 11 for Khimki. Luke Recker led Bilbao with a Eurocup career-high 21 points. Marko Banic added 15 for Bilbao. Garbajosa struck twice from downtown in an early 13-0 run that made Khimki dominate the game in the early going. Janis Blums and Recker stepped up to bring Bilbao within 26-21 at the end of the first quarter. Khimki kept a safe lead throughout the second quarter but a floating layup by Blums and a big triple by Recker got Bilbao within 40-35 at halftime. A layup by Ronnie Seibutis brought Bilbao even closer, 43-41, but McCarty led an 8-0 run that restored a 51-41 Khimki margin late in the third quarter. Despite trying a 1-3-1 zone early in the fourth quarter, Bilbao did not manage to return to the game. A layup by Maciej Lampe restored a 63-53 Khimki edge with under 7 minutes to go. Javi Salgado buried three late triple to bring Bilbao within 71-67 but Mike Wilkinson and an unstoppable Delfino sealed the outcome down the stretch.

Banic needed 18 seconds to get Bilbao going with a layup but Garbajosa immediately answered from downtown for a 3-2 Khimki edge. Palacio shined with a driving layup before Garbajosa nailed another three-pointer over Sallva Guardia. Bilbao kept missing shots, while Fridzon followed a fastbreak dunk with a corner triple to cap a 13-0 run to put Khimki up 13-2. After Bilbao called a much-needed timeout, Blums fed Banic for a backdoor layup while Seibutis added a fastbreak basket at 13-6 to get the many Bilbao fans in attendance excited. Banic scored again but Fridzon buried his second triple. Seibutis and Garbajosa traded driving layups before Timofey Mozgov restored an 11-point Khimki lead, 21-10. Blums collected a steal and made free throws but Fridzon answered with a big basket. Banic nailed a six-meter jumper while Quincy Lewis scored coming off the baseline to bring Bilbao within 23-16. Delfino provided a highlight with a catch-and-shoot three-pointer but Luke Recker followed a backdoor layup with a buzzer-beating triple to keep Bilbao within 26-21 after 10 minutes.

Mike Wilkinson nailed a corner triple right at the start of the second quarter but a five-meter jumper by Drago Pasalic kept Bilbao as close as 29-23. Bilbao had improved its defense, not allowing Khimki open shots from the corners. Delfino made free throws for Khimki, but Pasalic answered with a dunk at 31-25. Khimki dominated its defensive board while Anton Ponkrashov appeared with a wild fastbreak dunk. Khimki tried an effective 2-3 zone defense, switching to man-to-man often. Lewis found Banic for a layup-plus-free throw that made Khimki head coach Sergio Scariolo call timeout at 33-27. Bilbao switched to a 1-3-1 zone defense but kept struggling to score, esepcially from deep range. Soon, Palacio made a free throw and fed Garbajosa for another long-range strike for a 37-28 Khimki margin. Recker quickly scored in transition while Fridzon beat the shot clock with a put-back layup. Blums shined with a floating layup while Recker struck from downtown to get Bilbao even closer, 40-35, at halftime.

Blums hit another floating layup to make it a three-point game, 40-37, immediately after the break. Banic sank a baseline jumper but a fastbreak layup to get Bilbao within a basket, by Palacio gave Khimki some fresh air at 43-39. Seibutis scored around the basket, again cutting the difference to 2 points, as Bilbao was more aggressive in defense now. Khimki struggled to score until Kelly McCarty buried a corner triple - his first points of the night. Mozgov reappeared with a huge two-handed dunk and proceeded to block or interrupt a series of shots on defense, making Bilbao call timeout at 48-41. McCarty kept pacing Khimki with a power layup coming off the baseline before Fridzon's free throw meant a double-digit lead, 51-41, after an 8-0 run. Bilbao knew how to react, however. Recker scored in penetration, Banic added a tip-in while Quincy Lewis scored a layup off an inbound steal to bring Bilbao back to life, 51-47. Now, Khimki needed a boost, and McCarty provided it with corner three-pointer. An exchange of free throws ensued before Delfino beat Bilbao's zone defense with a seven-meter bomb for a 58-50 score after three quarters.

Bilbao once again tried its 1-3-1 zone defense early in the fourth quarter while at the other end, Recker nailed another three-pointer that cut the difference to 58-53. Khimki had to call timeout to attack Bilbao's switching defenses and Delfino hit one from way downtown for a 61-53 score with 7 minutes remaining. Fridzon dived for a steal that allowed Lampe to get an easy layup, making Bilbao call timeout at 63-53. Delfino - who else? - broke the game open with another three-pointer, as Bilbao tried to twin point guards Salgado and Seibutis to attempt a comback. Banic sank a mid-range jumper while Recker downed a triple to give Bilbao some hope at 68-58. Wilkinson and Salgado joined the three-point shootout, as time was running out for Bilbao. Salgado struck again from downtown to make Khimki call timeout, 71-64, with 2:03 remaining. A red hot Salgado buried another triple to bring Bilbao back to life, 71-67. Just like in the quarterfinals against Pamesa, a put-back basket by Wilkinson sealed the outcome down the stretch, allowing all Khimki fans to celebrate a historical win!

Carlos Delfino - BC Khimki - Final Eight Turin 2009 - EC08
Saturday, April 4, 2009
Javier Gancedo, Eurocupbasketball.com
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Attendance: 3110
By Quarter1234
Khimki Moscow Region26141821
iurbentia Bilbao21141523
End of Quarter1234
Khimki Moscow Region26405879
iurbentia Bilbao21355073
Khimki Moscow Region
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
5 PALACIO, MILT 26:58 5 2/4   1/2   3 3 4 1 5     1 1 5
7 FRIDZON, VITALY 31:56 14 3/4 2/5 2/4 2 6 8   2 1     2 4 19
10 DELFINO, CARLOS 23:21 18 2/3 4/6 2/2   2 2 2 1 1     2 3 20
11 RANNIKKO, TEEMU DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 VARDA, RATKO DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13 WILKINSON, MIKE 17:59 8 1/2 2/6 0/1 1 1 2 3         2 1 6
15 GARBAJOSA, JORGE 24:52 11 1/4 3/5 0/1   3 3 4   1 1   2 2 12
16 SHABALKIN, NIKITA DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
18 PONKRASHOV, ANTON 18:33 2 1/3 0/3     1 1 4         1   1
21 McCARTY, KELLY 20:04 12 3/3 2/4     3 3     1     3 1 10
25 MOZGOV, TIMOFEY 19:17 7 2/2   3/6   2 2   1 2 5   2 3 11
30 LAMPE, MACIEJ 17:00 2 1/3     1 3 4 1 1 1 1   2 1 5
Team           2 1 3     1         2
Totals 200:00 79 16/28 13/29 8/16 6 25 31 18 6 13 7 0 17 16 91
        57.1% 44.8% 50%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
iurbentia Bilbao
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
7 HAMPL, TOMAS DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
8 GUARDIA, SALVA 28:24   0/4 0/2   1 4 5 3 1 2   2 3 3 -1
9 RECKER, LUKE 27:26 21 4/4 4/10 1/2   4 4 2 3 2     2 4 23
10 SEIBUTIS, RENALDAS 15:44 4 2/6     2 1 3   1     1 1   2
11 SAVOVIC, PREDRAG DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13 BANIC, MARKO 28:02 15 7/10   1/1   3 3     2   2 2 2 11
14 SALGADO, JAVI 19:34 9 0/2 3/6     1 1 4           1 10
19 VAZQUEZ, PACO 23:07 5 1/2 1/3     3 3 2         3 2 6
20 LEWIS, QUINCY 15:46 7 3/7   1/2 1 2 3 2 1     1 2 1 6
24 PASALIC, DRAGO 10:30 6 2/4   2/2 1 2 3         1 2 1 5
25 MARKOTA, DAMIR 11:01     0/1     1 1                
45 BLUMS, JANIS 20:26 6 2/2 0/2 2/2       1 2 2     1 3 7
Team           2 2 4               4
Totals 200:00 73 21/41 8/24 7/9 7 23 30 14 8 8 0 7 16 17 73
        51.2% 33.3% 77.8%

Head Coaches

Khimki Moscow Region
"Let me first express my respect and my consideration for the Iurbentia Bilbao Basket team, for its club, its players and its tremendous coaching staff. They did a great job. I think one of the reasons we won tonight is we expected them to be so good and we came out immediately very ready to play, from minute one. We were not waiting for things to happen, but making them happen. We were ready to play, and after our great offensive start our defense set the tone. We played much better on the pick-'n'-roll as Mozgov stepped up to intimidate like he can. Bilbao caught us off-guard in a few transition situations when Recker hurt us. But our overall defensive game was more than correct and offensively we've been good today, too. Obviously, we are satisfied and happy right now to qualify our club for the first international final in its history. I, personally, and most of our players came with one purpose, to win championships. Now, we are one game shy of making it. We will have a very tough game tomorrow. Lietuvos Rytas is a great team, but we want it and we'll do our best to make it."
iurbentia Bilbao
"It was a tough, tough game for us. They started incredible with a 13-2 start thanks to a big Garbajosa and a big Fridzon in the first quarter. But our spirit and our job after that in the first half allowed us to come back to within only five points down at halftime. In the third quarter, we had many opportunities to tie the game, At that time, we were playing well: passing, making assists, and getting easy makes. Then they closed better the paint and we had many problems to finish against Mozgov and Lampe. If you don't make shots in easy situations, there is only one other option, the three-pointer, and until the final part, only Lucas Recker made them. We faced a big advantage and came back again, but for us it was difficult to stop the game with only two fouls, and they finished with two layups. I am very satisfied with our job during the two days and all during the Euroucup in this, our first season in Europe. Our behavior was not that of a rookie, and when we come back to Europe, we will have big experience."


Khimki Moscow Region
"We knew that we had to play with high intensity because we have seen Bilbao all season and especially yesterday. They came motivated, backed by outstanding fans. We knew they would play hard and that if we didn't match their intensity, we would probably lose. We managed to do our job a little bit better than them. My injury is long gone, there are days where you play better or worse, but every day you have to try to help your team. If you have a good day, you can try to take advantage and if not, there are a million things to do on a basketball court. Both teams have played two very tough games this weekend and it will be complicated. It is a intense team with mobile, strong big guys. They have great shooters, like all Lithuanian teams. It will be a tough game but well, we are in the final, it is what we expected after all."
Khimki Moscow Region
"Aggressiveness was the key to win tonight. We came out 13-2 and knew that they are going to try to set the zone but did a good job against it. We knew they were going to make shots and when they set the zone I was afraid that things would change but we played good the whole game. I want to take teh final as a regular game, I don't want people to think it is the final and be trapped in something we are not supposed to. We have to take it as another game, take some rest tonight and be ready for another fight tomorrow. I just saw a little bit of a Lietuvos Rytas game but being from Lithuania, I am sure they are a patient ball club and a smart ball team. We have to be patient, because we may not hit shots like we did in the first half. If we stay together, I think we have a pretty good chance."
Khimki Moscow Region
"I can’t find words to describe how happy I am that our team made it to the final for the first time. I am not quite satisfied with the way I played myself, I can play better, but the main thing is that our team won. It’s nice to know that I set the Final Eight blocks record, but now we have to get prepared for the final game. We have to make the analyze our opponent, rest ourselves and get on the court with the same determination, the same energy and the same aggressiveness and play even better on both defense and offense."
Khimki Moscow Region
"The key moment tonight was the beginning of the game, when we overpowered them and didn’t let them feel their aggressive style. Tonight’s game was easier than yesterday’s. It was hard to arrive here and play right away with a strong team like Pamesa. Today we had better flow in our game. But Bilbao has very good basketball players, and they showed that they can play and even made it tough for us in the very end by hitting a couple of three-pointers. We overcame so much to make it to the final, and both teams know that the price of a mistake will be very high."
Khimki Moscow Region
"My injury is still there but I managed to play two good games in consecutive days. When you start to play, compete and feel that you are helping, you forget about anything. I just try to help my team and consider myself a competitive guy. We always try to help each other, shoot the ball well and we are now 40 minutes away from our original goal this season. Everybody is happy and the most important thing is that we will play the final. When you feel good, you make shots and everything is easier. I was about to be asked to be taken out of the game but I show up and stayed because I was helping my team. We gave our best on the court and played great defense. Our goal - winning the Eurocup - kept us together."
iurbentia Bilbao
"They were a better team during the game, they had an advantage of 5-7 points and we couldn't break that. But we can be proud ofour game, we played a very good tournament, and first of all, I need to say thanks to our fans. They were very, very good today. Khimki's experience probably plaid a role - they were always able to find good solutions at very important moments. They have a very good team and we just met a better team today, but like I already said, we can be proud with our game - we lost with dignity. It was a good experience for us here, and we will keep working."
iurbentia Bilbao
We knew that they are a great team, but we believed that we can beat them - that's why we came here. Of course, they have great players, and they built a lead in the first minutes that we tried to catch all the game. It was difficult, but I think in the end we can be satisfied. This is our first year in Europe, and in the end we made it to the best four teams in Eurocup. We cannot be disappointed - we can be happy with what we did this year. It was incredible these last days, the city was living with us for this tournament. Our fans came here to cheer for us and I would like to thank all of them, they are just great fans.
iurbentia Bilbao
"I think we accomplished a lot by going to the Final Four of the Eurocup in our first European competition. It means a lot to our team, to our city and to our club. We are very proud of this, but tonight we fell against a great team - unfortunately, we came up a little short. Three-pointers were the key tonight. They made many threes, and Delfino hit some big shots for them. Unfortunately, we weren't able to overcome that, so we wish them luck. Catching up all night is difficult. Last night, we were lucky to set up for the lead and tonight it was the opposite. It is tough to keep coming back against a great team like Khimki. Loosing tonight was very disappointing. We wanted to go to the final and ensure that we will play in Europe next year. It was a great experience for us in Europe and hopefully, we can do our job in the ACB and get back here."
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