2012-13FinalsGame 1
April 13, 2013 CET: 21:00
Local time: 21:00 RTL SPIROU DOME
Lokomotiv Kuban Champ Eurocup 2012-13 - Final Charleroi 2013 - EC12

Lokomotiv Kuban is the new Eurocup champ!

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar is the 2012-13 Eurocup champion! Lokomotiv conquered its first-ever continental trophy by downing Uxue Bilbao Basket 64-75 in the Eurocup Final at the RTL Spiroudome in Charleroi, Belgium on Saturday. Lokomotiv became the fourth Russian team to win the competition - after Dynamo Moscow, Unics Kazan and BC Khimki Moscow Region - and earned the right to play in the 2013-14 Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Head coach Evgeny Pashutin gets his second title, having also won with Unics. Richard Hendrix led the way for Lokomotiv with 14 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block. Aleks Maric had a double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds and Nick Calathes had 10 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in 37 minutes. Bilbao was led with 16 points from Kostas Vasileiadis and 11 from Milan Rakovic, but suffered most from 34% two-point shooting (15 for 44). A three-pointer by Raul Lopez gave Bilbao a 17-16 lead after 10 minutes and Adrien Moerman soon boosted his team's margin to 22-16. It didn't last long, as a three-pointer by Nick Calathes sparked a 0-11 run in which Hendrix had 4 points to give Lokomotiv a 30-38 margin at halftime. A jumper by Brown gave Lokomotiv its first double-digit lead, 31-42, midway through the third quarter and by the middle of the fourth, his team had doubled it by holding Bilbao scoreless for 4 minutes and getting a rainbow triple from Simas Jasaitis at 45-65. Bilbao fought back, but ran out of time, as Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar goes home to Russia with the 2013 Eurocup trophy!

Hendrix got Lokomotiv going with a big block on Lamont Hamilton before Mantas Kalnietis beat the shot clock with a running jumper to open the scoring. Kostas Vasileiadis answered from downtown for a 3-2 Bilbao lead. Kalnietis kept pacing Lokomotiv with a driving layup and Hendrix soon gave the guests a 3-6 margin. Derrick Brown scored around the basket and an unstoppable Kalnietis added a fastbreak layup to force Bilbao to call timeout at 3-10, after an 0-8 run. Axel Hervelle stepped up with a back-door layup and Alex Mumbru bettered Hendrix's close basket with a three-pointer. A step-back jumper by Lamont Hamilton soon brought Bilbao as close as 10-12. Simas Jasaitis scored in penetration and Brown added a huge dunk to give Lokomotiv some fresh air at 10-16. Bilbao tried to improve its ball circulation by bringing Raul Lopez off the bench. Milovan Rakovic shined with a tip-in and Mumbru added a big basket in the low post to keep Bilbao within 14-16. Lopez buried Bilbao's third triple to give his team the lead back, 17-16, at the end of the first quarter.

Bilbao tried twin point guards at the start of the second quarter, with Nikos Zisis and Lopez together on court. When Adrien Moerman downed a three-pointer and soon added a driving basket, Bilbao had the clear momentum at 22-16. Sergey Bykov banked in a close shot for Lokomotiv, Roger Grimau answered with a jumper in the lane and free throws by Brown kept Lokomotiv within 24-20. Hendrix stepped up with a layup but Lokomotiv could not get Nick Calathes involved due to Zisis's active, on-the-ball defense. However, after Grimau and Aleks Maric traded layups, Bykov soon tied it at 26-26. Hamilton scored in the low post, but a triple by Calathes - his first points - put Lokomotiv back ahead, 28-29. Hendrix followed a dunk with a layup that forced Bilbao to stop the game with a timeout at 28-33. Jimmy Baron and Maric made free throws to cap a 0-11 run, as Bilbao kept struggling to score, missing 8 consecutive shots and committing 3 turnovers until Vasileiadis hit an off-balance jumper. A free throw by Jasaitis fixed the halftime score at 30-38 with Lokomotiv back in control.

Both teams struggled to score after the break until Moerman split free throws. Lokomotiv had tried to run its offense through Maric without much success so coach Evgeny Pashutin brought Hendrix back in the game. Brown hit foul shots and followed that with a mid-range jumper which gave Lokomotiv its first double-digit lead, 31-42. Vasileiadis tried to ignite his team's comeback with a three-pointer that Calathes erased with a layup-plus-free throw. Lokomotiv kept following its game plan, using long possessions and trying to get its big men involved. Moerman made free throws, Kalnietis shined with a big basket in transition and Lopez brought Bilbao a bit closer, 38-47. Hendrix dunked again, Vasileiadis hit a catch-and-shoot jumper and a layup by Maric restored a 41-51 Lokomotiv edge. Vasileiadis kept pacing his team with free throws, Maric split attempts from the foul line and a layup by Rakovic gave Bilbao some hope at 45-52. Hendrix rescued Lokomotiv with a layup for a 45-54 score after 30 minutes.

Maric made free throws early in the fourth quarter, as Lokomotiv tried a smaller lineup with Calathes, Kalnietis and Bykov together on court. Meanwhile, Bilbao tried to open the floor with Mumbru at power forward. Calathes downed a three-pointer which made Bilbao call timeout, 45-59, with over 8 minutes left. Jasaitis split free throws and a tip-in by Maric seemed to seal the outcome, 45-62. Bilbao struggled to find the way to the basket for more than 4 minutes and a rainbow triple by Jasaitis made it a 20-point game, 45-65. Bilbao kept fighting, however, as Vasileiadis hit 3-of-3 free throws which Rakovic followed with a layup for a 50-65 deficit. Lokomotiv called timeout and started to run the game clock down. Rakovic hit a jump hook and soon added a three-point play and although Bilbao would get as close as 60-67 in the last minute, it was already too little, too late for his team. At the free throw line, Lokomotiv put the wraps on its first Eurocup title - and a ticket to the 2013-14 Turkish Airlines Euroleague!

Richard Hendrix MVP2 Final - Lokomotiv Kuban - Final Charleroi 2013 - EC12
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Javier Gancedo, Eurocupbasketball.com
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Attendance: 3862 (Tentative)
By Quarter1234
Uxue Bilbao17131519
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar16221621
End of Quarter1234
Uxue Bilbao17304564
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar16385475
Uxue Bilbao
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
6 ZISIS, NIKOS 27:51 2 1/8       1 1 3   2     4 3 -4
7 RAKOVIC, MILOVAN 19:46 11 5/8   1/1 2 4 6           3 3 14
8 PILEPIC, FRAN DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
11 HAMILTON, LAMONT 20:14 4 2/8 0/1   1 4 5 3   1 2 1 1 2 6
15 MUMBRU, ALEX 26:48 10 3/9 1/5 1/2 2 2 4 1 1 2     4 4 3
17 HERVELLE, AXEL 15:05 2 1/1 0/1 0/1 2   2     1 1   3 2 1
18 MOERMAN, ADRIEN 17:23 8 1/1 1/5 3/4   6 6 2   2     2 2 9
24 SANCHEZ PEREZ, SERGIO DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
31 LOPEZ, RAUL 23:05 7 1/2 1/3 2/2 1 3 4 4 1 2     3 3 11
33 SAMB, MAMADOU DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
34 VASILEIADIS, KOSTAS 34:50 16 1/5 3/6 5/7 2 4 6     2     2 4 13
44 GRIMAU, ROGER 14:58 4 2/4     1   1 2   1     3 2 3
Team           1 3 4               4
Totals 200:00 64 17/46 6/21 12/17 12 27 39 15 2 13 3 1 25 25 60
        37% 28.6% 70.6%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
5 BROWN, DERRICK 20:48 11 3/6   5/6 1 1 2   1 2     4 3 7
7 HENDRIX, RICHARD 23:40 14 7/10     2 7 9 2 2   1   1 1 25
8 SAVRASENKO, ALEKSEY 1:19                   1     1   -2
9 KALNIETIS, MANTAS 29:12 10 5/12 0/3     1 1 3 1     1 4 4 4
10 BYKOV, SERGEY 21:58 7 2/3 0/1 3/4       2 1 2     3 2 4
11 LIKHODEI, VALERII DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 ZUBKOV, ANDREY DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13 JASAITIS, SIMAS 36:07 7 1/4 1/4 2/4 2 4 6   1 1   1 4 3 3
15 BARON, JIMMY 6:33 4     4/4                 1 1 4
22 MARIC, ALEKS 22:47 12 3/10   6/10 3 7 10 3 1 1   1 2 7 18
33 CALATHES, NICK 37:36 10 1/4 2/6 2/3   7 7 7 1 1     5 4 15
45 SHELEKETO, MAKSIM DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Team           3 5 8     2         6
Totals 200:00 75 22/49 3/14 22/31 11 32 43 17 8 10 1 3 25 25 84
        44.9% 21.4% 71%

Head Coaches

Uxue Bilbao
"First, I have to congratulate Lokomotiv Kuban for the victory. It's a great team and they did a great job tonight. They showed their quality, showed their patience. On the other hand, it was a bad night for us, basketball-wise. The usual game we play, our philosophy, became very difficult in this final when you miss so many layups and open shots. It creates a psychology very different when you are facing a great team like Kuban. Our team fought the whole game, but we didn't have what you normally need in a final: to score. That is what we missed today, and it made the game very, very difficult."

"We knew that Kuban was a very good pick-and-roll team. They did it all year with great players. In general, we did a good job defensively. We just didn't have the concentration to use our tactical fouls. We had the opportunity to foul, not yet in the bonus, before they got to the basket, and things like that are important in a final. They also hit some big baskets in the last second, and that hurt a lot. I believe the pick-and-roll defense was correct. We used three different ones. We made the effort. But one more time, I don't think we lost because of our defens, but because of our offense."

"What we missed today in addition to the shots and the percentage in field goals is that we didn't have attention for the little details. In setting our picks and lacking patience, we didn't take advantage of Alex (Mumbru). He missed in a couple situations under the basket: the defense was close and he received far from the basket. We tried to find a different way, to involve more players. We're a team, after all. We tried to play inside-outside. Unfortunately, it didn't work."

"In the locker room, the guys are dead. That's normal. We have players who won a lot of titles and we believed a lot in this final, always knowing that we had a tough opponent and we would have to do our best. So now they are sunken. That's normal. They are winners all of them, competitors. We lived the trip here together and suffered together, always with our fans at our side. The elegance of those fans when they applauded Kuban showed what great fans we have. I want to thank them on the part of the team, but it's sad. We wanted to give them the joy they wanted and reward the pride they showed being here and supporting us in Bilbao as they always do. We have to keep our heads high and try to finish the season the best we can."
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
“First of all, I'd like to say it was a good job by our team. The guys deserved to win today. They were better on the court. We planned to play good defense inside against Mumbre and to cover well Vasileiadis and Zisis outside. Vasileiadis hit some good shots, but we put all our focus on them to stop their game. Offensively, our strategy was to go inside to Richard Hendrix and Aleks Marics. They dominated the second quarter and we were able to get a lead and go from there and have a good game.”

“I think especially when you play a team that puts a lot of pressure on the ball like Bilbao did in the third and fourth quarter, trapping and forcing you to play fast and out of control, you need ballhandlers who realize the situation, don't lose their heads and keep going with the plan. If you have three ballhandlers, it makes it easier. If there's a trap, the second and third one's can handle the ball. It's a tactic that takes away the aggressiveness of the defense. We have guys like Calathes and Kalnietis who are not pure point guards, but more like combo guards. They must know everything and have the skills for both positions. I think that's the future."

"This is a big result for us in Krasnodar, a small city in the south of Russia. To reach the Euroleague is a big result. It's tough to get into the Euroleague from Russia. We now have one more team in a city where the fans love basketball. This is big progress for basketball in Russia."

"It's very difficult to pass inside for 40 minutes and Bilbao adjusted to that. Hendrix and Maric saw double-team traps in the third quarter. So it's not as simple as posting up every time and scoring or receiving a foul or making a pass. It's important to have balance with the inside and the perimeter game. If you depend only on the outside shot and miss, you're done. The same if you go inside and it's crowded. Our goal was to use both tactics. The first quarter was mostly pick-and-roll, the second we went inside, the third we spread the floor again. We adjusted to what Bilbao offered us."

"We started the season not so good, but during that process we learned about each other. Calathes, Maric and Jasaitis were the base. Kalnietis came to us late. Derrick Brown came in November, Richard Hendrix in February. We had the injury of Sergey Bykov, who couldn't play until January. But step by step, we built up the team. We didn't have time from the beginning of the season, but we were able to put them on the same page to fight for each other and trust each other. We said it was more important to be ready for April than September. Some teams are strong early and go down in spring. We wanted to do the opposite. And we did. We got here with our full roster after many months and months of working for that."

"For every coach, you can't stop. You must always learn. I always go to coaches' clinics in Serbia and Spain. I learned from Ivkovic, Messina and others. If you stop, you are finished. You share ideas, what is new, and then I try to adapt it for myself. After that you have to read very well the game and know the weaknesses and strengths of the opponents. Everyone knows that, but it's difficult to do. If you are able to stop their strong points, you have an opportunity to win."


Uxue Bilbao
"It is a bad feeling, of course. It was a tough game for us. We never really played after the start of the second quarter, when the momentum changed. They controlled the game from that momentum and the momentum shifted in just two minutes. We went from leading by six to trail by seven. We tried to change things in the second half but missed too many easy shots. When you are down 10-12 in a final, you try to make small runs but they controlled the game and deserved the win. Congratulations to Lokomotiv. This is sports - we are proud of reaching the final and really wanted to win this title but in the end, we have to congratulate our opponents."
Uxue Bilbao
"You know how we are - this is a tough moment but we cannot stop now. We were not nervous - we were down by 6-8 points and missed two open layups. We have to carry on - there is nothing we can change now. It is a shame because of our fans - more than 2,000 people that came from Bilbao to support us for all 40 minutes. It is bad for us. This won't affect us in the future - it is a final that we lost and we have to carry on."
Uxue Bilbao
"This is a big frustration for us. You fought together to get to the final and missed too many layups in this game. Lokomotiv played really well and we needed a better percentage inside to have our chances. It is a bad day for us. We had a great season but if you win the final, it is much better, of course. We have to focus on the Spanish League from now on."
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"Feels great. This is the reason I came to this team, to accomplish something like this. This organization put a lot into this and everything they got, they deserve it. It's unbelievable, to win something like this. I am speechless. I couldn't ask for more, hard work paid off. This is so special. I think our toughness was they key to this win for us. From the beginning we were tough."
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"It feels great, this is amazing! I am so happy. Our target in the beginning of the season was to be here tonight and to win this cup. We won it and are going to the Euroleague next year! This is what we wanted - to take the club to the next level. Defense was the key to this win, nothing else. We will celebrate, you will have to ask me how it went tomorrow!"
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"This is a great feeling, I almost forgot it was a long time ago. Hard defense was the key. We played good defense, in the last quarter maybe we relaxed a little but it's normal. Hopefully I will stay in this team to play the Euroleague next year. We will celebrate this now!"
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"It feels great, amazing! We worked really hard this season, came in together and it is an amazing feeling because we played as a team and this is the best way to go out. It was not an individual, but a team effort. We are just excited! I would like to congratulate Bilbao - they are a great club that gave us a hard time so thank you so much. Defense was the key - they have a lot of good shooter and we had to contain them. We played the game our pace. We knew it was going to be a difficult game but came ready. I am just glad we got the win!"
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"Feels great. This is something we worked for all season. I am happy for everyone on the team, I am happy for coach, second Eurocup title for him. I am happy for the president, and all the people in Russia. It was a great accomplishment. The key to the win was defense, we did a good job on the defensive end and that's why we won."
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
"It's an awesome experience to win the Eurocup. We had such a great group of guys, playing together, playing team ball. It's great. This feels amazing, I want another one."
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